🎎 Inclusive Ideation πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ

Apple’s iconic 1977 “Think Different” campaign encapsulated the essence of inclusive ideation. It celebrated the unconventional thinkers, the disruptors, and the non-conformists who challenge the status quo and see things differently. In the realm of AI, ideation has transcended the confines of traditional data and analytics teams. Creativity and continuous learning can spring from unexpected corners within an organization.

Informal gatherings can serve as platforms for like-minded individuals interested in AI to come together, share insights, and explore new possibilities. These gatherings, akin to the original data science meetups with beer and chips, foster an environment where unconventional ideas thrive πŸ’‘

A more structured approach involves appointing AI use case leads within the organization. These use case leads act as catalysts for change, bridging the gap between visionary business minds and analytical experts. They facilitate the generation of use case proposals, ensuring that experimentation aligns with business objectives and conducting preliminary prioritization of proposals.

Having dedicated roles like AI use case leads marks the beginning of an AI governance framework but that’s the subject of our next key learning.

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