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What’s included?

  • DAMA International Membership

    You’ll also be a DAMA International Member

  • DAMA BeLux Event Participation

    Get access to all the DAMA BeLux Events (special events might be priced separately

  • Member Login to the DAMA International and DAMA BeLux Website
  • MyDAMA Member Resource Page (available after login)
  • Online access to the DAMA-I Dictionary of Data Management Terms V2 (find those pesky DM terms and make use of the correct definition)
  • All DMBOK V1 IMAGES downloadable under creative commons copyright (you no longer need to recreate any images, just download and use with our copyright)
  • 10% or higher discount on any education/ training program recommended by DAMA International (follow the links on our discount page and use the discount code)
  • 10% or higher discount on any books purchased from approved publishers (follow the links on our discount page and use the discount code)
  • Discounts (per applicable code) to all DAMA endorsed conferences (will be made available on the discount page as the conferences become active)
  • Access to the Learning Channel
  • CDMP® Self Administration (Manage your CDMP)
  • Event List for CDMP® Workshops and Proctoring

Membership Options

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Individual Join the community


Per Year
  • Personal Invitation that can’t be passed on

Corporate Bring Your Team


Per Year
  • Up to 4 persons per event

Vendor Bring Your Clients


Per Year
  • Up to 4 persons per event
  • invite and accompany your customers or prospects

Corporate Platinum Plus Can Cover Multiple Countries


Per Year
  • Includes 10 to 15 persons per event
  • Includes DAMA-DMBOK V2 Server Edition

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