25 Apr 2019


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Data as a key enabler for Digital Transformation and Predictive Analytics

Data as a key enabler of Digital Transformation at Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL)  

Executive Management’s Considerations for Predictive Analytics Projects (ArcelorMittal)

As this is our first-ever DAMA BeLux event in Luxembourg, we are very pleased to invite you to join this event free of charge.

17:00 Welcome and registration


Data as a key enabler of Digital Transformation , Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL)

In this presentation, David Recchia, CDO (Chief Data Officer) at BIL, will provide an overview of the evolution of “traditional” data management towards a federated model as the key enabler of the Digital Transformation of the bank.  Supporting David will be the heads of the three different Data Office pillars:  Rute Vendeirinho (Data Quality & Governance), Vincent De Graer (Business Intelligence Services) and Emilia Tantar (Artificial Intelligence & Big Data)



Executive Management’s Considerations for Predictive Analytics Projects, ArcelorMittal

 In this presentation, David Hain, Predictive Analytics Manager at ArcelorMittal, will cover their approach to Predictive Analytics projects, including:

  •  Business problems targeted for predictive analytics solutions;
  •  Determining analytics objectives and costs, to support their business requirements and decisions;
  •  Measurement of the results;
  •  Considerations for a predictive analytics project within an Agile context;
  •  Conclusions, Questions & Answers
18:45 “Roundtable” (Panel) discussion:  All Presenters and All Participants
19:05 Event wrap-up & “Ideation” for further events during 2019
19:15 Networking reception and drinks (finishing at 20:00)

The event is finished.