08 Dec 2017


9:30 am - 5:00 pm

DAMA CDMP Preparation Workshop and Certification Testing

Certified Data Management Professional Certification, by DAMA International the premier Data Management certification globally

Our certification provides levels of recognition as your career develops; starting with CDMP Associate for those who are still beginners in the profession, moving to CDMP Practitioner either as you develop or as you are currently (you don’t have to certify as an associate if you are already well along the path) and reaching CDMP Master as you prove to yourself, your employer, your colleagues and the profession that you have truly become a master of your art.

The DAMA Belux CDMP Preparation workshop (what to expect and how to pass, not learning content) is being held on 8th December 2017 from 10am till 3 pm.

The Data Management Fundamental/ Advanced exams are available after that.
Further exams for those taking the CDMP Practitioner (remember there are 3 exams for this certificate level) can be taken online.

This workshop is priced separately from your membership but is only offered as a service to our members.

The price depends on level of exams you are going to take.

Workshop plus associate exam is priced at 500 euro
Workshop plus one of the 3 practitioner exams is priced at 525 euro

Register today as we need to review your qualifications and preregister you for the exam.

The event is finished.